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Laax European Cup

Laax European Cup: The home mountain and training place in winter for the whole Freeski Global Team. Laax was also the first European Cup of the 2023/2024 winter season, and everyone including Moritz was very motivated for this special event.

The international field including athletes from New Zealand, USA, Korea, or Japan along with the European athletes promised a high level of competition. The weather had been very unstable in the weeks before and after the European Cup, so the riders definetly got lucky on the day of the competition.

Moritz delivered a solid qualification run, where he moved on to the final of the best 8 men in 5th place. During finals, the wind picked up and slushier conditions made it extremely difficult for the athletes to maintain or gain speed. Nevertheless, Moritz put down a strong run in challenging conditions, and finished off the first European Cup of the season in a strong and personal best 5th position.

Photo: Swiss Ski // Swiss Freeski Tour


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